We Have Two Bay Areas

The Bay Area economy is thriving.
But not everyone is benefiting.

4xA baby born in Bayview-Hunters Point is 4x more likely to die within her first year than an infant in any other part of San Francisco.

1 in 51 out of 5 children in Alameda County does not have enough food to eat.

1 in 41 in 4 renters in the Bay Area spend over half of their income on rent and struggle to afford other household necessities.

Invest With Meaning

For over 30 years, LIIF has been investing in low income communities, creating social and financial returns for families, our partners and the economy.

The  LIIF Impact Note offers a simple, powerful way for you to join us in investing in the communities you care about while earning return.

  • Low


  • No


  • Competitive

    1% – 3%

  • Flexible

    6 months – 10 years

How It Works

  • You

    As an investor, you can make your money work for you and the community.

  • Neighborhoods

    Our partners develop affordable homes, quality schools, childcare centers, grocery stores, and other facilities that build healthy communities.

  • Low Income Investment Fund

    LIIF lends your capital to community partners that help families and communities thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Impact In The Bay Area


  • 45,000
    Jobs Supported

  • 150,000
    Childcare Slots

  • 23,000
    K-12 School Seats

  • 24,000
    Affordable Housing Units

  • 73,000
    Health Clinic Visits

Stories of Impact

Successful track record. Institutional Quality.

Over the past 33 years LIIF has invested $2 billion to benefit 2 million low income people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can invest?

LIIF Notes are currently available to any individual or institutional investor residing in the following states: CA, CO, CT, DC, MA, MD, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT. Click here to invest now.

What does my investment support?

The organizations to which LIIF makes loans are typically community-based, non-profit, or mission-aligned for-profit real estate developers that build affordable housing, high quality schools and child care centers, health centers, and community facilities for the benefit of low income people and communities.

Can I access my account online?

Yes, LIIF has partnered with the ImpactUs Online Marketplace where you can easily manage your investment, check current interest rates, and reinvest your money for maximum impact. Click here to visit the Marketplace.

Are there any fees?

No, investors do not pay any fees.

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Low Income Investment Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, offers the LIIF Impact Note, which is subject to certain risks, is not a mutual fund, is not FDIC or SIPC insured. Any decision to invest in these securities through this Site should only be made after reading the prospectus or by calling 415.489.6131. We will offer and sell our securities only in states where authorized. Currently, we offer or sell our Notes to investors in the states of California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. Investors in New Jersey may invest via the ImpactUs Platform only.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Citations herein to “competitive returns” are in reference to historical results only.